Государственное Общеобразовательное Учреждение
Гимназия 248 Кировского района Санкт-Петербурга

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Gymnasium 248 specializing in foreign languages learning was founded in 1967.
At present, there are 26 forms and about 700 students in it. All the teachers are qualified specialists, 15 of them having the highest category in education, 18 of them having different state awards in education.

The Gymnasium not only follows the national curriculum but also offers profound learning of humanities and revision courses for the National Exam in different subjects.

The Gymnasium is well-equipped with computers (there are more than 100 of them in 60 classrooms) and is an advanced user of IT. There is a LAN (local area network) in the Gymnasium which gives an opportunity both to the students and the staff to use the electronic library, the media library (video and audio) and other reference sources.

LAN is used not only for teaching but also for education process management: for the continuous assessment of the students' knowledge and achievements in different spheres, for the students' attendance registration and as a source of information for parents.

Another advanced technology used in the Gymnasium is satellite TV which gives an opportunity to receive more than 200 open channels in different foreign languages, and is widely used while teaching English and German which the Gymnasium specializes in.


The Gymnasium also offers different extra curriculum activities: “Accent” Linguistic Centre, the History Drama Club, “Vremena” (“The Times”) Magazine.

THE “ACCENT” LINGUSTIC CENTRE was founded in September 2003 in order to develop students' language skills and encourage their interest in the culture of the English-speaking and German-speaking countries. The Centre curriculum provides:

•  conversational English and German courses;

•  practice and preparation for the Cambridge First Certificate and City & Guilds Qualifications;

•  English for Little Ones (5-6 year-olds).

THE HISTORY DRAMA CLUB was founded in October 1997 by the History teacher Svetlana Kudryavtseva-Karaustaite. The company has staged about 20 performances based not only on classical plots but also on the plays written by Anton Kudryavtsev, Headmaster of the Gymnasium, and some students of the Gymnasium.

Everything including scenery, lighting, costumes and sound is provided by the students-members of the Club.

The company has a fencing group, a dancing group and a music group “Cromlech”.

The main aim of the Club is to encourage students' artistic abilities and creativity.

“VREMENA” MAGAZINE was founded in September 2001 by the History teacher Svetlana Kudryavtseva-Karauskaite and is issued four times a year. It is closely connected with the Drama Club uniting the students interested in history and social studies, who write articles for the magazine. The magazine has several supplements covering various aspects of Russian and foreign history. This publication has received a number of regional and national awards.

The Gymnasium has always been interested in international contacts and has had exchanges with schools from Great Britain, Australia, Luxemburg, Sweden and Denmark . The Gymnasium has had the longest contacts with Gutenburgschule in Wiesbaden, Germany, since 1992. More than 300 students have taken part in this exchange on both sides.